Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Xist Music - Straight

Straight - Andale, Derek Minor, & D-Maub

Strum Straight (8X)

Andale -
I’m an animal lyric proof there’s church in the wild
They said to watch the throne they better watch the tone
Because you way to comfortable in territory that you do not belong
You get a little bit of money and you made bank
It’s unbelievable to see the way that they act
But the fact remains the platinum chain has zapped your brain
Did you forget the one who made that?
See we three are CPR because we causing shock in your system
It’s me PRO my guy D-maub too man God’s the one who fixed him
He fixed me not six feet deep at least not yet
In the meantime in between time Imma remind you that He’s not dead
But I am put the hearse in reversal because I’m alive in Him now
The intimate appraiser for serving up grace I thought about it man
I wish I would’ve been founded
But I got it down never let it go again
No cause redemption feels incredible
Just so you know ‘fore the credits roll He doesn’t get killed in this episode

Strum Straight (8x)

Derek Minor (fka PRo) -
They wanna know why I’m teasing I just show em my teethin
On any given sunday I wouldn’t be me
They got me on this tight rope like I ain’t even forgiven
But give me a cape and super straight I ain’t tripping
Putting haters on time out just a brick wall where you looking
Try stressing me but I’m so good like your children be after a whooping
That beef between me and God He clip it like lil B
Got me like government cheese I’m always free
Life braille feel me this has more than a theory
It’s beautiful my eulogy merk pride humble beast
The Lord’s wrath was on me He could’ve crushed P
But now my name changed it’s world peace

Strum Straight (8x)

What you think is about to happen now that you got a few cudi’s on the same track
And we all creatures!
You ain’t know this before because to reach a dying generation with the message
And we all eager
Know you hear to be banging through ya’ll speakers but ya’ll seekers
For the fame and fortune fortunate I don’t need none no neither
I’m free me I would never turn back
Drummer coming to get me off track desiring that
Rhythm with the Father is how you learn that
Bought with a price my soul He’ll never return that
With His love He confirms that so I’m going where they bust shots
And them tires burn out
Finna get em straight no perm and the only way that happen
Is if I go and spread His word like a germ love like a germ?
Love like a germ yep that’s what I think I said
Even if I gotta beatbox I’m gonna get this in your head
In they heads? In they head yep that’s what I know I said
He came to die to give me life I know I’m dead

Strum Straight (8x)

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